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If like me you carry your entire life around with you, a good bag is absolutely key, and the good news is is that you absolutely don't need to invest to find a good one. As ever, the high street just keeps on pumping out the high end inspired pieces and dupes, which is bloody great news for a local "Topshop Princess" like me. 
I've collated a collection of my current high street favourites with my new but painfully amateur photo editing skills. Making these collages in the adult equivalent of playing Polly Pocket.
Fiddly as feck, but oddly satisfying. Anyway, straight to the bags. 

Beaded Bags
Pretty much the "it" bag at the moment, and aren't they pretty indeed. Try combining one with a pair of Dad trainers for ultimate contrast. 

The Shopper 
Laundry bags, shopping bags, tool bags - the more domestic looking and practical, the better. Ideal for the ever cautious type, that carries half of their life around with them *just in case*. Hi, that's me.

Highstreet Splurge 
If you've been lusting over the Shrimp's Antonia bag, but don't fancy declaring yourself bankrupt then perhaps this Mango option is the one for you. Still pricey for a high street bag (£59.99), but much more reasonable than £450 for a financially broken soul like me.

Bum Bags
Bum bags, fanny packs. TomAto, tomARto. You can find one anywhere these days and to be honest, they mostly look the same which is why I was super impressed by this Topshop number. Perfect for teaming with a plain white tee on an off day.

Straw Bags
Straw bags - forever floating around our Instagram feeds during the brighter months, and it doesn't look like they're going away anytime soon. If classic isn't your thing, then opt for bright colours, textures or even a bit of check, because when are checked prints never a good idea?

Transparent Bags
It's clear to see that transparent bags are a must have right now, being probably the most versatile bag you can own. One bag can transform into twenty, and all you have to do is pop in a colourful clutch, or a sequinned mini bag to change up the look. We all own those impractical little mini bags that are visually great, but in terms of practicality, I couldn't fit my self esteem inside them. 

*Please note, some styles may be sold out online, but available in stores, and vice versa.*

1992 bag


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