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Have you ever tried to wear something that you've seen plastered all over the 'Gram, and realised that that's where it should probably stay? Yeah I had that this week. Welcome to my opinion on the 'chunky trainer trend' - not that you'd asked. Disclaimer : I think they look absolutely amazing on everyone but myself, hence why I purchased them in the first place.

Thanks to Balenciaga, and their Triple S shoe, we've seen chunky trainers everywhere. Gucci has also jumped on board with their own version, the 'Rhyton'
I'm not a trainer person at all, but I've seen chunky trainers styled in so many amazing ways that I caved and tried to jump on board. Not with a pair of Balenciaga's of course, no, no. My budget says more like the Fila Disruptor 2, so that's what I ordered from the JD website for £80.

I went into their store to pick them up. Click and collect. I took them out of the box, and my gut instantly told me that they're not for me. RETURN THEM YOU IDIOT! I ignored my gut, and took them home for further inspection.

I wish I hadn't bloody bothered.

I tried them on and I looked like a had the Titanic stuck to my foot. They were HUGE. They looked horrible. Nothing like how they looked on all these other super cool bloggers. Don't get me wrong, in a small size, they look bloody great. But I looked like a P.E teacher, and I wasn't impressed. I take a UK7. I'm a tall girl. Needs must. But you actually have to size up in these shoes and it does not flatter the style of the shoe at all. I'm not shaming any girls with "big feet". Really, I'm not. I HAVE "BIG FEET". Of course I do, I'm 5 ft 9. But what I found was that the larger the size in this shoe, the more it altered the appearance and style of the design, and it honestly looked like I'd borrowed my Dad's shoes. They just didn't look on me how they looked on everyone else. 

I was disappointed. I like the trend. I wanted in, but let's face it - £80 is £80. For me personally, that's a lot of money to pay for an item thats merely a trend. Will I appreciate them this time next year? Probably not. As a blogger, and someone who absolutely lives for fashion, I enjoy experimenting with new trends, and integrating them into my personal style, of course I do. It's fun. But here's the thing - I do it on the cheap if it's a fad. I'll invest when it's a personal classic, or a staple. If it brings me a real sense of joy, and I'll be wearing it next year, then by all means - take my bloody money. 

One good thing did come from this failure though - I felt more in touch with myself and my own personal style. I felt more aware of what I truly love and feel comfortable in, and realised that actually, I don't need to be "on trend" if it doesn't suit me, and that actually I don't need to be "on trend" at all if I don't want to. Sometimes you just gotta accept that in many cases, things just look better on Instagram. There would of been a time in the past where I would of wasted my money and kept the trainers anyway for validation and approval, just because everyone was wearing them.  
Not this time. 

To all the people who own them, I'll still enjoy admiring your outfit posts wearing them, 'cause they look AMAZING, but on me, I just can't say the same.


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