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Gucci gang, Gucci gang. It's inescapable. My Instagram feed is absolutely saturated with Gucci, or looks inspired by their previous campaigns, and to be honest I love it, I'm not complaining. Whether or not I can afford it is a different matter entirely, but it doesn't mean that I can't appreciate it all the same. I found these Gucci inspired sunglasses on my explore page of Instagram from an e-store called Glow Glammin'. They ship from Australia, but the total cost for the glasses and the shipping was about £11 (they had a sale on at the time)

Would I wear them outside? Maybe. Maybe not. They're a bit too flamboyant, and look even more extra off camera. Like really extra. They do give an otherwise basic outfit post a little oomph though.


               Boots (similar)
Blazer (no longer available)


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