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I'm no concealer connoisseur, guru, or a certified makeup artist, but I do love makeup. Lots. Not that my Mum would actually let me wear it outside, I've experimented with makeup since my childhood, and I waste far too much time watching makeup reviews on Youtube.

Anyway, I'll be honest, no. I haven't tried every concealer under the sun, but I used to swear by the Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay for the longest time. A cult classic. It really is a brilliant product, but to be honest, I fell out of love. Or at least my bank balance did. I like to carry two shades of concealer on hand. One to highlight/brighten, and one to actually conceal. This concealer retails for £19, and I go through it like skimmed milk. So that's almost £40 just on concealer on a regular basis. Nope. Count me out.

Well guess what? I found a dupe. It's the Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection, and it only costs £4.19! I stubbled across an American Youtuber singing it's praises after returning from a trip to the UK, so I had to try it for myself. If you're dubious about this product, please just look at how many tubes I've gone through.

The stuffs amazing, very, very comparable to the UD one, and despite the price, it doesn't make me breakout at all. If blended in with a slightly damp beauty sponge, it looks so healthy and dewy, but gives great coverage, and doesn't even look cakey when you build it. I can't sell it anymore than that, my job is done. Try it, and thank me later.


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