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This doesn't come easy, but I have sinned. At least, in the sartorial sense.
For some time now, I've had Uggs playing on my mind - yes, you read right, Uggs.
The biggest faux pas of all faux pars in the fashion world. The Crocs of the boot world.
I try to suppress the thoughts, but they seem to come harder.

It all started when I imagined that I'd seen a pair of Uggs embellished with what looked like pieces of costume jewellery, or gems. Does anyone else ever do that? Imagine outfits or items in your mind that you swear you've seen on your favourite blogger, or inside a window of a high street retailer, only to realise you've unconsciously designed it yourself? I do that often. Well, sort of.
Turns out that what I'd actually seen, was a pair of embellished Crocs. I'd clapped eyes on Christopher Kane's SS17 Croc collab, developed a distorted memory of what I'd actually seen, added two and two together and made nine. Unconsciously.

Image saved from

I guess my only explanation for that is that Crocs and Uggs have been tarnished with the same brush. Slapped with the ugly stick. The taboo shoe. A footwear felony. Any nostalgia of my teenage Ugg wearing days, and the warmth they brought will be instantly slam dunked back where it belongs. Deep into my subconscious.

Now this article is edited. The irony is that after writing it, and saving it into my bottomless pit of drafts, I later discovered that these gem encrusted boots do exist. They actually do, in the form of a collaboration with Jeremy Scott and Ugg. Am I insane? Did I confabulate these outrageously ugly-but-also-kind of amazing boots? Or did I absentmindedly scroll through my Instagram feed pre-morning Coffee, and forget I'd ever saw them? I'm not sure. Memory is a funny thing. That aside, let's get back to my internalised guilt and shame about slowly liking Uggs again.

Image saved from Ugg
I'm trying to fight it. And I will not cave. But let's just say if Vogue posts an article tomorrow along the lines of "Bella Hadid, makes the case for the worst boots on earth", I may accidentally buy some. You know, for the sake of Fashion.

It's funny. In my opinion, most trainers that are like the "it" item to own, and pretty damn ugly.
But it's all subjective isn't it. All it takes is promotion from the right "influencer", and suddenly it's the right type of ugly. Whatever that means.


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