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Stranger Things

First off, can I just add - please ignore the absolute state of this blog. The layout has gone weird, and everything's just accumulated a tonne of cobwebs over the past year. I'm gradually starting to fix it.

I know I'm late to the party, but that's the whole point. Topshop (Oxford Circus) really turned the place "Upside Down", to promote the release of Stranger Things 2, along with a small line of merch', which was actually very wearable - and a bit too wearable it seems, as the whole thing bloody sold out fast. Trying to find myself that grey jumper (you definitely know which one I mean) was like trying to bloody find Will Byers. 

Praise the eBay Gods. I knew it'd find something similar in seconds. Instead of forking out £32 for a jumper that I'll probably be wearing to bed soon, I paid £11.99! As much as I love Stranger Things, and I'm probably going to milk this jumper dry, it's fast fashion. A micro trend. I'll be sick of it in a few months. 

I take a size UK10-12 so the seller suggested I opt for a medium, and it fits perfectly..but in a slightly "boyfriend"/oversized way. Jumper here. Bag is from Mango (sold out) but similar here


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