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When your knees look like a head from a 3D baby scan..uncanny.
So yeah this post has nothing to do with The Clash, as in the actual band, sorry. But if like most of the world you've been watching Stranger Things, you may currently have 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' playing on loop inside your head. What I'm really referring to is the fact that I decided to pair a pink leopard print PJ blouse with a mustard pleather skirt - a combo that I never thought I'd wear, or see and yet here we are. Surprisingly, I think they go together like a house on fire. I guess that could also be taken the wrong way as a house on fire is never a good thing. Anyway, like it or lump it, I think this awful clash actually looks pretty great, and it's an outfit I'll certainly be repeating in the foreseeable future.
You have have noticed the gold boots..These are still available here at Topshop. Unfortunately they seem to be the most un-photogenic pair of shoes I've ever owned, but IRL they look amazing, and they're super comfy. 

Are you guilty of any questionable outfit clashes? 


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