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If like myself, you spend far too much time either online, or shopping on the high street, you may have noticed that the fashion world has gone patch mad. From jeans, to shirts, to handbags, patches are everywhere, and it's contagious. 

When it comes to material things, my "first world problem" in life is simply this : it's too expensive..or it doesn't exist. I found two patch bags that I loved..One too too small. So, instead I've decided to recreate my own, using this £12 Primark bag. Yay. 

You will need * and here's where I state the obvious*
- As many patches of your choice. Go for it.
- Any bag you wish. Bin bags and potato sacks are discouraged. 
- Superglue
- Blue-tack

Play around, have fun, Google inspiration. (Yes, that's right, Google's a verb now.) This is where the blue tack comes in handy. Use it to attach the patches temporarily, prance around in front of the mirror swing your handbag around, bust loose, go wild. Rinse and repeat until you've found your perfect arrangement, then reach for the superglue and seal the deal. 

Feel free to use any patches you want, from any store. One thing I will say though is be mindful. Patches are on trend right now, and high street retailers are bound to charge silly prices because of this. Kill two birds with one stone and buy from eBay instead. That way you'll save a ton of money, and support an independent store. Below I've listed links to all eBay stores that I purchased from, and most patches cost no more than £2.

Playing Cards
Yellow Stars
Smiley Face
Blue Star
Betty Boop

This would also be a brilliant way to personalise a suitcase, so go get creative!


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