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Heres the thing - I'm an all or nothing person, and there is pretty much nothing I don't do in extremes. It's just who I am, and it's definitely a blessing and a curse. I used to be terrible with money, like bad, but over the past year I seem to have matured into a sensible twenty-something, meaning that I've now gone to the opposite end of the spectrum - I am super savvy with my small amount of funds, and I'm starting to feel like a real grown up - ha!

This means that splurging on the Unif Crayola sweater was something I immediately said no to, despite lusting over the thing for some time. Let's face much as I adore Unif, the jumper is pretty pricey, and that's not even including shipping and customs for a Brit like myself. Recently however, saw an ad on my Facebook for e-store Romwe, in which the model was wearing an exact dupe for the Crayola..result.

Does the quality cut it? No. It looks like it's been sewn in the dark by someone who's paralytic drunk, but hey, when just works! I'd definitely recommend this to someone like myself, who likes the Crayola but isn't sure if it'll suit them.

This outfit was worn in January, and I'm aware that the Crayola is pretty old now. Let's face it though, with this train wreck of a so-called British Summer, it could definitely still be worn today. Find it here.                                                 



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