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Hello! A couple of weeks ago I got to see a glimpse of Primark's Autumn/Winter collection, and my God, are we in for a treat! They have gone all out this year ranging from suede dresses, to fur coats (all faux of course), and lots of 70's vibes. I was in absolute heaven, and if you read on, I'm sure you'll see why! I honestly felt like I was surrounded by Topshop clothes. Here's a few pics I took, and my favourite pieces on display..

 I was kindly greeted with a gift voucher and a little goodie bag of makeup, and I'm super impressed by what was inside! I'll be posting a review soon, so stay tuned for that because I've been using several of the products on a daily basis. One of which was a foundation stick that is seriously better than some high end brands that I've used! 

THIS JACKET WILL BE MINE! And it's only £28!
They've really outdone themselves with the jackets this year, I was super impressed. We all know I love a fur..and I cannot wait to get my hands on a few of Primarks this year!

The prettiest sparkly brogue like shoes, for only £14. I'll definitely be adding these to my shoe collection.
This photograph doesn't do these jeans much justice, but lookout for the perfect 70s inspired flares. I can imagine them being very flattering no matter what your shape is!
Some of their lipsticks only cost 80p. Yes 80p! And it's actually a really decent lipstick. Like I said, I'll be reviewing these bits soon!

At first I was wandering around the place on my own, just snapping photos of everything like some kind of wannabe paparazzi. After a short while I greeted by the lovely Dauby of Dymps and Dimes who had found my blog earlier that day, and we connected instantly! We ranted and raved about our blogging issues, items from the collection that we fell hard for, and the jokes were rolling within 
minutes. What a lovely girl. You can find her blog here

I also got to hang out with this style queen Laura Whalebone! (You can find her blog here) We've followed each other for a while now, and I love her blog, so it was so lovely to finally meet her. Seriously, how cool is her style!? 

Anyway, thats just a short glimpse of whats coming into stores late August, and I don't know about you but I'm bloody excited. There was only a couple of things that I wouldn't wear personally, and even then, they were still amazing. Primark may be re-knowned for their low prices, yet there is nothing "cheap" looking about what's to come in store this Autumn/Winter. Keep your eyes peeled, you won't be disappointed. x

DISCLAIMER : All opinions are my own, and true to self. I have not been paid by Primark to promote them as a company. Everything I say I love, believe me, I love. Thank you again to Primark for having me, you are a gem.


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