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This dress, ugh. I am absolutely in love with the cut, the fabric, the colour, everything. It's just perfect. American Apparel can normally be a bit pricey, but I think you'd pay the same for a dress of this quality in Topshop. (£48) It hangs perfectly, and is the sort of cut that would be flattering on most figures. I love the simplicity too because I can style it up to my own taste with personal touches, and it looks great with lots of leather! It's just the most versatile dress to invest in because you can rock it anyway you want.

This dress may look oversized on me, but I went for the XS to S which is what I'd normally go for in a dress, so if you want it oversized like I do, then believe me, do not size up. It's like a sack. This little piece of perfection also comes in black, a more pinker pink, white. The colour I opted for is called Sandstorm. I have no idea why because it's nude pink, but there ya go. 

I'm kinda' starting to go off these boots. Don't get me wrong, I love a chunky boot as we well know. But I'm really trying to "soften" my look and steer away from looking like an angry goth. No offence to angry goths, please keep doing your thing. It's just the happier I feel, the less "gothic" I want to look, although I'm obviously far from an actual goth. I think my emo phase is sadly passing. Noooo. RIP Wednesday. I won't be saying goodbye to leather anytime soon though. Or fluff. Or big shoes. I just think I wanna channel more Audrey Kitching vibes, and steer towards more pastel or neutral colours with a witchy twist from time to time. Who knows though. I might be in a tracksuit next week. Anyway, let's pretend I'm wearing a pair of platform chelsea boots in these photos, which I do now own. I wore this look to go and see Primark's new AW15 collection, but I'll tell you about that another time. Ciao! x

Bag - Vintage
Shoes - Public Desire
Earrings - Vintage


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