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Flares. The must have item right now as the 70s are well and truly in. Well, it's up to you whether you "must" have them or not lol, but in my case, I've been obsessing over them for a while! Especially since I collaborated with Heba Clothing and styled and modelled a pair from the collection. Unfortunately for me, funds are low. So I opted for a pair of cheap "mock flares" from HM. When I saw them in the shop I thought they were flares, but because they're not tight around the thighs I'm not sure if they're classed as actual flares! Either way, I love the print and they do scream 70s vibes. So, pop down to your nearest HM, pull out your platforms, and get ready to unleash your inner hippy child in these groovy pants, because I've also seen a few other similar pairs in different patterns! The only downside for me is that due to my height, they're not as long as I'd like, and sort of look like clown pants, but hey. What can ya do?

Ps. Yes I know this backpack is in like every single on of my Instagram photos but it's too cute.

Trousers - £14.99 HM
Backpack - £21.99 Lamoda
Furry Bag Charm - £5.99 eBay
Velvet Crop - Unavailable, Similar here 
Boots - Unavailable, Identical style here

Happy Sunday x


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