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Behind The Scenes / Blogger Takeover with Heba Clothing - Part 2

Bonjour! If you haven't read part one of my Blogger Takeover with Heba Clothing then you may be a little confused. So heres a link to it taking you behind the scenes of a day in the life with Heba and her brand :) All photos are taken by the lovely Kiran Gidda. 

Part One Here

This little 70s inspired outfit was styled by Heba and I using a few pieces from her collection, and I am absolutely in love with these velvet flares! I felt like a cross between Joan Jett, 70s Cher, and Morticia Addams haha..what a combo! I was also lucky enough to be interviewed about my personal style which I've included later on in the post.

The Interview

How would you describe your style in three words?
Hmmmm. I used to describe myself as a some kind of "quirky goth" (two words, I know ha!) due to my heavy love of black, leather, and a "pop" of weirdness or colour thrown in. But seeing as I have to narrow it down to three words I'd say witchy, grungy and eccentric. 

Any secret hobbies?
Yes! I'm a film fanatic and I really enjoy the art around it. I also spend far too much time reading articles about science, spirituality, the solar system, nature and psychology. Gaining knowledge about the world we live is something I will NEVER tire of. Anyone that thinks they "know it all" usually has the least answers. I guess anything educational really, oh and how could I forgot..collecting makeup!!

Have you got a good style tip?
Buy basics key items. They are so underrated sometimes and you can mix and match them with all sorts of textures, colours and patterns to create a new look each time. For example, (catering for my style) invest in a good quality leather jacket, a sturdy pair of leather boots, and a well fitted pair of jeans. Once you have those key basic items that will last, then you can buy cheap tops/dresses or accessories to mix and match and create a kazillion outfits for less! 

If you were a mythological creature, what would you be and why? (i.e mermaid/unicorn etc)
Ooooh. Tricky. Well I'm definitely already an alien. But in my opinion, they're definitely not mythological, so I'll say a vampire because I stay awake all night, I'm super pale, and I feel ageless. 

Where do you get your style inspo from?
Where. To. Start. A lot of my style icons are men! 80s Madonna is a big inspiration for me, Gwen Stefani on a more colourful day, Kristen Stewart on a casual day, Stevie Nicks, and I love anything Jeremy Scott. I also love Lady Gaga so much, especially when she wears leather. But I think for me I mostly take inspiration from films or old singers. The internet also of course now that it's taken over all of our lives haha!

Which piece did you like most out of your two chosen outfits?
Omg I can't even decide because I adored the baby blue two piece contrasting with my jet black hair. I love black and pastels together so so much. But those flares..they were killer and can be worn with practically ANYTHING which makes them an amazing foundation for any outfit so I'm gonna say those.

Any advice to girls who want to, but are too scared to wear more quirky and stand out clothing?
If you like it, then please please wear it and own it. People would often say to me "oh YOU can wear that, but I'd never get away with that" but it's all in your mind. Anyone can pull off whatever they desire. It's about not worrying for people think and feeling comfortable and I promise you'll rock it. Even if other people don't like it, that's not your business. You're still livin'. I spent the majority of my life being insanely self conscious (still am on a bad day) and trying to wear what I thought every body else liked. When I reached 18 I really started to experiment with my style and discover what I actually liked and it's been a fun journey ever since! I found that since doing that I definitely get a lot more compliments haha! Seriously, if you like something, no matter how crazy it is, and you tell yourself that you CAN pull it off, then theres a 99% chance that you will. The 1%? Lady Gaga in her meat dress. 


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