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Erm excuse me ladies, can we just take a short moment to die over the following images :

I need to hunt down a coat like this!

So I saw one of these images a few days back on Instagram and instantly fell in love. But me being me, I stupidly misread the hashtag and got super excited thinking that it was a preview of MK SS2015. (No not Michael Kors babes.) It wasn't until I googled it for myself that I realised it was actually from last year and that I am clearly not down with the "fashionistas", ha! Runway shows rarely appeal to me unless they're super elaborate or creative like Moschino, Chanel, or even Sophia Webster. I'm heavily into fashion but I'm just not that kinda' girl. THIS however, I really could stare at forever, it's so beautifully put together. Obviously I would never personally go out dressed exactly like this, it's for runway purposes, but you can certainly channel it through an everyday outfit. Just take a fedora hat, a Wednesday Addams style dress, coloured tights and a pair of boots and you've pretty much nailed it. Meadham Kirchoff designs remind me of Gwen Stefani's 'What You Waiting For' video which to this day is still visually and aesthetically one of my favourite music videos. The only downside is the collections are always a little TOO whacky for me! So when I googled MK SS2014 I found the best of both worlds. Perfect designs for goth gals' with an eccentric Harajuku girl twist. Yester-years fashion or not, this collection is something I will definitely be taking inspiration from this year, finding and dressing down similar items, and generally obsessing over Meadham haha. x

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