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So if you're a regular reader of my blog/follow my Instagram then you'll already know that I have a little obsession with lip products and my collection pretty much grows on a weekly basis. I waited three long weeks for this delivery and when it came I couldn't rip the box open fast enough! Three weeks. Not to mention the time I waited for Lime crime to actually bring the product back in stock. I don't wanna slate LC at all because I adore the makeup and I want to own most of their products, but the trouble is..they're never in stock! Never. But, I guess the products are pretty worth the wait! The packaging/postage box is also super pretty too which I've included photos of alongside a swatch, and how the product looks on my lips.

This was my first time buying a Velvetine from any brand (although Kat Von Ds ones are next on the list!) so I was absolutely itching to test it, but as soon as I swatched it, Limecrime were forgiven instantly. I think Cashmere looks different on anyone depending on your skin tone, lip colour, etc. But I'm super pale with yellow undertones and this is what it looks like on me (I used some Prep + Prime by Mac as a base after blotting a little excess foundation on my lips from my brush because my lips are a little dry - £13 available here)

I know, this photo is a little dark but I had to edit it like this in order for the colour to look true to life. And no, I didn't overdraw my top lip, despite my pout making me like I did ha. I kinda left that trend back in 2014.

The downside? You have to build up a fair amount of layers to achieve this bold, matte effect. Whenever I've worn it it's usually looked better towards the end of the day because I've reapplied after food/coffee etc, building up the colour. This obviously means that if you wear it regularly it's gonna' run out super quick, and it's likely you'll have to wait a good while to repurchase due to stock levels and popular demand. So, I'm trying to not get carried away and make this my "go-to" everyday lip colour and stick with Taupe or Yash by Mac which are some of my favourite nudes. But anyway, after applying a good few layers and patience while you wait for it to dry (yeah, I thought it was going to just kinda' dissolve into my lips for some reason!?) it really does develop into a stunning colour. Would I repurchase? Definitely. I just wish the bottle was bigger! What do you guys think of Cashmere? If anyone ever has any nude lipsticks that they can recommend me then feel free to share because a girl can never have enough nudes haha. Unfortuntely, this product is now out of stock (AGAIN) but let's hope that they're restocked very quickly! Keep your eyes pealed..I will be.


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