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I'm no concealer connoisseur, guru, or a certified makeup artist, but I do love makeup. Lots. Not that my Mum would actually let me wear it outside, I've experimented with makeup since my childhood, and I waste far too much time watching makeup reviews on Youtube.

Anyway, I'll be honest, no. I haven't tried every concealer under the sun, but I used to swear by the Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay for the longest time. A cult classic. It really is a brilliant product, but to be honest, I fell out of love. Or at least my bank balance did. I like to carry two shades of concealer on hand. One to highlight/brighten, and one to actually conceal. This concealer retails for £19, and I go through it like skimmed milk. So that's almost £40 just on concealer on a regular basis. Nope. Count me out.

Well guess what? I found a dupe. It's the Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection, and it only costs £4.19! I stubbled across an American Youtuber singing it's praises after returning from a trip to the UK, so I had to try it for myself. If you're dubious about this product, please just look at how many tubes I've gone through.

The stuffs amazing, very, very comparable to the UD one, and despite the price, it doesn't make me breakout at all. If blended in with a slightly damp beauty sponge, it looks so healthy and dewy, but gives great coverage, and doesn't even look cakey when you build it. I can't sell it anymore than that, my job is done. Try it, and thank me later.


I started my 2018 well, with a trip to the high street to find some quick, easy jumpers that I can throw on during these bleak months, whilst still feeling like "myself". By "myself" I mean I've made an effort. I enjoy making an effort in the sartorial department on a daily basis. It makes me feel like "me", and I take a healthy dose of pride in it. During the winter though, you would think the struggle to look "nice" whilst remaining practical would be difficult, but actually I find it the easiest. I love texture, faux fur, and chunky statement pieces which is so easy to pile on. Buy a couple of pairs of fake leather trousers, and few statement coats, a healthy polo neck collection and you're good to go, if that's your thing. Summer is the real struggle. I hate showing skin. I hate being exposed. I don't enjoy wearing dresses, and the anxiety that comes along every time the wind blows. I don't want to be done for indecent exposure. I don't have a criminal record to date. Let's keep it that way shall we?

This look is so simple and comfortable, and yet makes me feel like a well-groomed 80s mum with a  modern twist. Get yourself a pair of chunky statement earrings if you want to look like you've really made an effort, even on the most laziest of days.

(in red too, as pictured above)


This doesn't come easy, but I have sinned. At least, in the sartorial sense.
For some time now, I've had Uggs playing on my mind - yes, you read right, Uggs.
The biggest faux pas of all faux pars in the fashion world. The Crocs of the boot world.
I try to suppress the thoughts, but they seem to come harder.

It all started when I imagined that I'd seen a pair of Uggs embellished with what looked like pieces of costume jewellery, or gems. Does anyone else ever do that? Imagine outfits or items in your mind that you swear you've seen on your favourite blogger, or inside a window of a high street retailer, only to realise you've unconsciously designed it yourself? I do that often. Well, sort of.
Turns out that what I'd actually seen, was a pair of embellished Crocs. I'd clapped eyes on Christopher Kane's SS17 Croc collab, developed a distorted memory of what I'd actually seen, added two and two together and made nine. Unconsciously.

Image saved from

I guess my only explanation for that is that Crocs and Uggs have been tarnished with the same brush. Slapped with the ugly stick. The taboo shoe. A footwear felony. Any nostalgia of my teenage Ugg wearing days, and the warmth they brought will be instantly slam dunked back where it belongs. Deep into my subconscious.

Now this article is edited. The irony is that after writing it, and saving it into my bottomless pit of drafts, I later discovered that these gem encrusted boots do exist. They actually do, in the form of a collaboration with Jeremy Scott and Ugg. Am I insane? Did I confabulate these outrageously ugly-but-also-kind of amazing boots? Or did I absentmindedly scroll through my Instagram feed pre-morning Coffee, and forget I'd ever saw them? I'm not sure. Memory is a funny thing. That aside, let's get back to my internalised guilt and shame about slowly liking Uggs again.

Image saved from Ugg
I'm trying to fight it. And I will not cave. But let's just say if Vogue posts an article tomorrow along the lines of "Bella Hadid, makes the case for the worst boots on earth", I may accidentally buy some. You know, for the sake of Fashion.

It's funny. In my opinion, most trainers that are like the "it" item to own, and pretty damn ugly.
But it's all subjective isn't it. All it takes is promotion from the right "influencer", and suddenly it's the right type of ugly. Whatever that means.

Stranger Things

First off, can I just add - please ignore the absolute state of this blog. The layout has gone weird, and everything's just accumulated a tonne of cobwebs over the past year. I'm gradually starting to fix it.

I know I'm late to the party, but that's the whole point. Topshop (Oxford Circus) really turned the place "Upside Down", to promote the release of Stranger Things 2, along with a small line of merch', which was actually very wearable - and a bit too wearable it seems, as the whole thing bloody sold out fast. Trying to find myself that grey jumper (you definitely know which one I mean) was like trying to bloody find Will Byers. 

Praise the eBay Gods. I knew it'd find something similar in seconds. Instead of forking out £32 for a jumper that I'll probably be wearing to bed soon, I paid £11.99! As much as I love Stranger Things, and I'm probably going to milk this jumper dry, it's fast fashion. A micro trend. I'll be sick of it in a few months. 

I take a size UK10-12 so the seller suggested I opt for a medium, and it fits perfectly..but in a slightly "boyfriend"/oversized way. Jumper here. Bag is from Mango (sold out) but similar here


I've never been a fan of Mean Girls to be fair, but let's be pretentious and say that yeah, on Wednesdays we do wear pink (even though it's Thursday.) It's not often that you can successfully mix feeling "glamorous" yet comfortable at the same. Two words, I never thought I'd see in the same sentence and yet here we are, a see-through metallic blouse, and what literally feels like PJ pants. I wore this outfit way back on my birthday, which was perfect for lounging around a restaurant booth stuffing my face with Mediterranean food for three hours. Unfortunately, this blouse is now unavailable in pink (it was a sale find), but they do still stock mint and silver alternatives.


This post was originally my 'Top 5', but I just couldn't narrow it down, and I'm sure you can see why. I'm a sucker for boots in all shapes and sizes, and no Autumn is complete without a new pair..or five. All boots are linked. 

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